It is as if you were doing work

The robots are here! No more work! It’s great! Is it great?! Wait! You feel apathetic and unproductive! You miss clicking buttons! You miss waiting for progress bars! You miss checkboxes! You miss work! But it’s going to be okay! Use this handy application and it is as if you were doing work! It is […]


Recognizing contemporary trends in technology, the Mono-Orifice™ applies functional aggregation to human physiology. Just as smart phones and personal devices have combined multiple utilities within a single product for the sake of convenience and efficiency, the Mono-Orifice™ attempts to simplify the body’s input and output functions. Foregoing the body’s specialized sensory responses—sight, hearing, smell, taste—along […]

DRIFT workshop

The DRIFT workshop was held at the TAG lab between 20 – 24 June 2016. The workshop was the Montréal satellite edition of a larger project between TAG and London-based artist duo Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis Jade Maravala of ZU-UK. The core brief was to make games and playful experiences based loosely around a scene from the […]

Deep Time Jam

The Deep Time Jam was run between 24 – 25 September 2016 in the TAG Lab. The jam was focused on producing games and playful experiences based around the notion of “deep time” – scales of time and futures that are generally not imagined by us in day to day life. As a starting point, the […]


The neoqab is a speculative niqab-based outfit of digitally manipulable fabric. For the wearer of the neoqab, they’re covered by an all-enveloping garment. But due to the special fabric, others around neoqab wearers can modify its appearance. Immigration flows worldwide have meant that people of all faiths and with clashing values now live shoulder to shoulder. In […]

Burnt Matches

Burnt Matches is a hypertext fiction representing a nuclear waste storage facility of the sort discussed in the Deep Time design jam. The jam, held by the Speculative Play project in September 2016,  focused on the documentary Into Eternity by Michael Madsen and its discussion of the Onkalo disposal facility in Finland. Burnt Matches imagines a distant future in […]