Agustina Isidori

Agustina Isidori is an interdisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2006 she pursued studies in digital and analog photography and in 2012 completed her BFA in Film Studies and Film Production at the University of Buenos Aires. She has completed the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice in the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University and will continue in the Master of Design fall 2016. Agustina’s artistic practices oscillate between still and moving images. As a photographer and videographer, she has experience in both feature film productions and independent projects and additionally as an archival researcher for several audiovisual projects.

Her photographs and installations have been exhibited in Buenos Aires and Montreal. The audiovisual installation “Skin” in 2012; focused on the female body and reflected on how experiences, such as aging or giving birth, can leave imprints on the skin. In “Cuerpos”, Agustina explores a symbolic fusion between nature and women; and positions a language that reflects on the naturalized violence against women and the aftereffects of trauma. Her body of work is an inquiry into the normalized physical and visual gendered violence suffered in Latin America.